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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who can benefit from the Success-In-Magic program?

  2. What's the best way to get bookings fast?

  3. How long will it take to build my magic business?

  4. Who is Jim Snack and why is he offering this information now?

Who can benefit from the Success-In-Magic resources?

Anyone who has a burning passion for performing magic AND wants to get paid for it, should seriously consider investing in tthe Success in Magic resources.. 

If you are just starting out in the business, hoping to make the transition from amateur to professional, the Success-In-Magic resources will cut at least five years off your learning curve.

If you have been performing for several years and want to give your career a boost, then it will help you reach new markets at higher fees. 

Although specifically created for magicians, other variety entertainers, such as mentalists, hypnotists, jugglers, ventriloquists, clowns, and story tellers will also find the principles, strategies and tactics powerful in their business.

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What's the best way to get bookings fast ?

Ahh... that's what everybody really wants to know.

The answer depends...are you the assertive, sales focused type with a high tolerance for rejection?  You could try cold calling potential clients to pitch your show, although personally I've never felt comfortable with that strategy. 

One simple technique I use often to get bookings fast is to be featured in a newspaper story.  Every time I've gotten in the newspaper, my telephone has rung off the hook with bookings.

You will learn you exactly how to do the same...and that's only one of the tools I give you for marketing your show.  I'll also teach you the inside secrets of direct mail, showcases, public relations, networking and referral strategies that have kept my date booked filled for over two decades.

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How long will it take to build my magic business?

That depends upon a number of things, including how talented you are, how marketable your show is, and how hard you are willing to work.

There are a number of people who will promise to show you how to book  thirty or forty shows a month in no time at all.  Yes, you can do that many shows a month, and I'll show you how, but that's no way to build a professional practice.  You'll wear out in a month and not make much money because your fees will be too low.

You can start your part-time business as soon as you have about 30-minutes of magic that you can perform.  That's about 6-8 typical routines.  A part-time business can be up and running as soon as you have an act.

If you want to build a full-time business, however, plan on spending three to five years building your business to a point where it can support you and your family at a decent standard of living.  That's what business consultants recommend for any new business.  Yes, you may be able to do it faster, if you have the right knowledge and skills.

Be aware, however, that most small business fail in the first five years.  To avoid that fate, you should be like a sponge, soaking up everything you can learn about the business of magic.

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Who is Jim Snack and why is he offering this information now?

For over three decades I've been fortunate to make a living as a professional magician. 

You won't read a lot about me in the magic magazines, (although once I was featured in an article on the business of magic in Stan Allen's MAGIC magazine) because that was never part of my marketing strategy.  The people who hire me don't read those magazines. 

I have worked in just about every venue available for magicians, including corporate trade shows, colleges, schools, fairs and festivals - from the streets of New York to the casinos of Atlantic City.   I know from experience what it takes to succeed in this business.

After earning my living for over two decades exclusively from performing magic, I decided to shift my business nine years ago to focus on something I love as much as performing - teaching.

Today, I still accept many magic show bookings, but most of my income comes from motivational speaking using magic as my "hook.."  (If you want to learn more about that business, visit my other website: )

Since 2003 I have been writing about my experiences as a professional magician, all the strategies and tactics, tools and techniques that have enabled me to prosper in this business for over two decades.  Those writings originally appeared as the Success in Magic Course that many performers benefited from.  The course included over 750 pages of information and 12 audio CDs.

My intention in offering the Success-In-Magic course was to provide anyone who is seriously thinking about making the leap from amateur to professional magic the tools needed to build their business and manage their career. 

Now, I've revised and updated that information and I am now offering it as downloadable PDF and mp3 files.  Also I've broken it in smaller pieces so you can invest in only those sections that will help you most.

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